Fieldhome Celebrates 130 Years

In September of 1879, Sister Louise (nee Louise Gardner Hall), founded what was then known as “The House of the Holy Comforter”. Sister Louise saw a need for a place to care for those who suffered from incurable diseases and made it her personal mission to provide a retreat where their physical and spiritual needs could be met. Along with two devoted friends, she opened “The House of the Holy Comforter, Free Church Home for Incurables” at 241 West 23rd Street in New York City. After opening, The House of the Holy Comforter moved several times and later settled at the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. In August of 1986, a final move was made to our present location on the campus of the Catharine Fieldhome and the newly constructed Fieldhome-Holy Comforter was opened.

In February of 1993, the “Field Child Care” program was added to the campus located in the main Fieldhome–Holy Comforter building. The program was initially created as a service for staff and to bring a more community feel to the campus, but quickly became a valued childcare resource for the community as well. Now with space for 30 children ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years, the since renamed “The Early Learning Center at FIELDHOME” is a vital part of campus life both as a child care service but also as a unique campus-wide inter-generational program.

In 1997, yet another significant service expansion took place and “The Seabury at FIELDHOME” Assisted Living and Memory Support Residence was constructed on the campus boasting a rich history of it’s own.

The Seabury was founded in 1888 by a teacher, Mary Fisher, as a home for those who labored in literature, art, education or music. The Seabury name was given in recognition of Manhattan Philanthropist, Clara Seabury, who provided much of the funding. In 1912, the home moved to Mount Vernon, NY and in 1977, merged with the Martha Wilson Home to become Seabury-Wilson Home, accepting elderly women from all backgrounds.

Meanwhile, around the same period in 1879, on our current campus in Peekskill, Cortlandt de Peyster Field founded “The Catharine Fieldhome” in memory of his mother, Catharine (hence the name of our street, Catherine Street – now spelled with an “e” instead of an “a”). He, along with other volunteer trustees began a mission of caring for elderly women on our campus in the grand stately white building we now refer to as Field Hall. In April of 1997, Seabury-Wilson Home of Mount Vernon merged with Catharine Fieldhome of Peekskill to become what we know today as The Seabury at FIELDHOME, an Assisted Living and Memory Support Residence.

In 2007, it was decided that the campus would be simply referred to as FIELDHOME and, some time before that, the town became known as Cortlandt Manor.



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