The Early Learning Center at FIELDHOME is a center committed to meeting a child's individual needs. We provide a safe environment in a home-like atmosphere with consistent care giving. Young children require and deserve individualized attention, and for this reason, our group size is small and separate for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our program is designed to help guide children through learning experiences, subsequently meeting the developmental needs of each age group. We will work together with the parents of infants to establish routines similar to home. As the children grow into toddlers, a variety of equipment and toys will be introduced encouraging activities such as climbing, pulling, walking and modeling appropriate language.

Social skills are most valuable to a growing child. We will introduce and help them develop these skills at each stage through positive learning experiences. At The Early Learning Center we offer a balance of child-initiated activities and teacher-directed activities. Interacting with the sights, sounds, and people around us is an important objective. It is our goal for each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

We encourage all parents to come and see our program. We ask you to please set up an appointment first, to assure that there will be someone available to speak with you. As you visit our center, please feel free to ask any questions. We want you to feel comfortable with our staff and the environment in which your child may be a part of.

Thank you for your interest in The Early Learning Center at FIELDHOME and enjoy your website tour!

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