Parent's Reviews

“I could probably go on for days about Fieldhome in Cortlandt Manor but I know everyone does, so it’s moot. When we moved to the area 4 years ago, I was pregnant with our 1st child and researching all childcare centers. Being an analyst by nature, I did my due diligence on the 8-10 closest facilities 4 months into my pregnancy and then once he was born. Both times, same result. Fieldhome’s Early Learning Center was and is a true leader in care, love, parenting partners and education. The same people that I toured with over 4 years ago are still there. It’s a feeling of family and rightfully so, as it is a family. It’s small enough to know if someone has a birthday and to know all the siblings and parents of all the classrooms but big enough to create a sense of diversity and offer the opportunity for growth, individualism and social learning.

Above anything I could say here about Fieldhome, the best part is that these teachers/caregivers LOVE these children and our families as if they were their own. I’m always getting texts, photos, personal videos, and daily detailed updates, hilarious stories, thoughts for development and all the things a parent who works all day outside of the home could wish for. These teachers treat these children like they’re celebrities and it’s just so wonderful. Their my partners, my sounding boards, my teachers, my gut checks, my relief, my babysitters and my friends. They have the knowledge to teach. They have the patience to soothe situations. They have the humble, polite, kind, funny, friendly, accepting, smart and innocent disposition that makes a parent and child feel at home, welcome, cherished and loved. I really could go on and on about how grateful I am for Fieldhome. Now that my youngest is in and I don’t have to worry about the waiting list, I’m happy to share!”

Charlie recently went through 4 assessments involving language, math, motor skills, etc. during his orientation for Kindergarten. When the kindergarten teacher brought him back from his assessment she asked where he attended pre-school. I told her and she responded, “I wish all my students came from the Early Learning Center. They are always so well prepared.”
Thanks for everything.